Create your own Adagio Mix AND your own  guitar tracks (& mix) on Undead :!!!!! Upload the separate tracks from the cd AND download this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9zFosd8QY8) and Mix the song THE WAY YOU WANT / record your guitar track as if you were STEPHAN FORTE playing with the BAND and post it on youtube ! (or send your link athttp://myspace.com/adagioofficial )

All your posts will be featuring in 2 different playlists on our Youtube channel (MIX contest / Musician Contest).  WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED WHEN BOTH PLAYLISTS (mix/musician) REACH 10 POSTS ! Tell your friends :!!!!

The 2 winners will receive a cd/ or free Adagio T-shirt ..and more :!! Whatever you play Note-for-note or not, the best (most interesting) performance will be noticed... GOOD LUCK !!!!

The Archangels in Black "DeLuxe Edition" CD is available here:


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